Ouat felix x reader lemon

I also apologize in advance if some of the wording is off. This was written at almost 1 am while I was forcing myself to stay awake so I may have gotten a lot of disoriented. When you first came to Neverland, you were uncertain how you felt about being the only girl on the island.

You surely expected the boys to treat you like some weakling, or worse - their mother. But as you got to know them, you grew to love them as a hundred more little brothers than you ever wanted. You were their mother, in a way. You became the cook of the island, and you cared for the boys when they were hurt or sick. Sure, magic and belief could cure most of their ailments, but good old fashioned love had its power too.

When Pan was being particularly hard on them, you would be there to damage their wounds and feed them and lift their spirits. You also helped in training. Having spent a good portion of your life as a pirate, you were rather skilled with a sword, and you trained the boys in fighting such a strength.

You grew to love being the only girl on the island. So when Pan announced that new children had arrived, and a teenage girl in a nightgown emerged from the woods, you were understandably concerned.

You were supposed to be the only lost girl on the island - What the hell was Pan up to? You had never been particularly friendly with the leader, so you assumed that asking what his psychotic intentions were would lead you nowhere.

So you smiled through your immediate hatred of the girl and let her go about her business. When you had been deposited on Neverland, Pan had wanted to test your skills. You were forced into a one-on-one match with Felix, which ultimately ended up with you straddling his lap, your sword to his throat and his beloved dagger knocked out of reach. Pan approved and let you stay, and from them on, Felix was your best friend.

It never grew into anything more, and fearing a rejection or worse, a lack of recognitionyou kept your feelings to yourself. Feelings got you in trouble on Neverland. You were gathering firewood for the camp the night after Wendy came to Neverland. As you returned to the campsite, you happened to glance to the left, and the sight that met you had your arms going limp and dropping your logs all over the ground.

You turned on your heel and headed into the woods. Felix finally managed to push Wendy away, angrily wiping his mouth with his sleeve.

ouat felix x reader lemon

He glared at her before turning to the bonfire, expecting to see you cooking. But why had you stormed off?

ouat felix x reader lemon

He called for you, but Wendy was on him again, holding his face and trying to get his attention. You stomped through the woods, hacking and slicing tree limbs with your sword.

It was a good way to vent your anger, and the forest would survive with a few less branches than before. A figure emerged from the shadows and you found yourself facing Captain Hook. He chuckled. His only way off the island was to offer you as a trade, and he happily let you go. He blew dust on you and everything went black.

He shoved Wendy away, dragged his dagger, and headed into the woods. Within moments, the pirates were surrounded by lost boys, including Felix and Pan. Hook smirked. Has Pan gone soft? Hook raised a brow.Request: Hii! Please could you do a pan imagine where you find yourself there but you are like the female version of pan.

And he gets quite intrigued by you so you play it to your advantage and instead of him making you weak, can it be the other way round but the ending is quite fluffy. Request: Hello! Thank you. Read More. Request: hello. And could it be dramatic but adorable? But tha.

Note: There are implications of a suicide attempt in this imagine. If it is a trigger for you, please skip over this. Also, I do not support attempting to kill yourself over rejection. Cold, hard, unrelenting ice. I just sent in the Peter pan ice imagine. I love your work so much. My apologies. You and Peter get in a fight…. You yell at him. She thinks that you abandoned her, Killian. How could she love you? You are in Neverland with Peter. Posts Likes Archive. What a creative title, am I right?

Welcome to the Family, Princess. Heart of Ice. Thank You. Imagine this…. You and Peter get in a fight… You yell at him. No but really imagine this….

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Felix x Reader 8 9. Felix x Reader 9 Felix x Reader 10 Felix x Reader You became his lost girl. Can it be any more obvious? You feel the lag of being waterlogged as you wash up on a shore, barely conscious as your vision blurs your surroundings.

Harshly you cough out the tainted sea water before rolling over on your back only to gasp out when you realize there are people standing over you. More than once.

Softly you gasp and wrap your arms around your soaked self when you realize the group staring at you are boys.You adjusted easily to the life of a lost girl. The boys accepted you nearly right away, the older ones flirting and the younger ones looking to you as a mother. Of course, on an island where you can achieve whatever you like just by believing in it, most injuries and ailments can be cured by belief alone. You were old enough to under stand romantic feelings.

Yet here you were, sitting on a log by the fire, gazing into its embers and imagining different ways to tell your intended that you had adult feelings for him. There was no way you could do that.

peter pan x felix

He would never reciprocate them… Would he? The boys knew what flirting was and what it meant, but none of them were serious. A kiss on the cheek was as much contact as any of them could handle. The oldest boy on the island was Pan himself, and everyone knew that Neverland had been created so that Pan could stay young. He would never allow romance to occur on the island. Well, in your case, he might make an exception, seeing as you were his most useful lost one after Felix. But you were afraid to even try and confess your feelings, so you justified your fears by saying that Pan would kill you in your sleep.

He leaned against a tree, pretending to stare at the fire while he was really staring at you. He noticed every detail - How your eyelids dropped with exhaustion, but you fought to keep them open; how your lips would part and your chest would heave as you released yet another sigh; how you would smile at the lost boys who approached you, treating them all like little brothers.

I thought maybe you would have experienced love in your life. What was she like? Very protective of those around her. She had to be responsible at a young age, and that led her to taking on a motherly type of role to the people around her. She said he has curly blond hair that always gets in his face. Marco grinned. He looked back at you, a frown settling on his face when he saw Jake, one of the oldest boys, sitting beside you.

A smile settled on your lips as you laughed at something the boy said. He stormed over to where the two of you were sitting and pulled Jake from his seat. Are we clear? You stared at Felix as Jake scrambled away. Without a word, Felix took your hand, pulling you from your seat and leading you into the woods. You ignored the way your belly had fluttered when his hand grasped yours. Surprisingly soft lips enveloped yours and you responded immediately.

Your eyes fluttered closed as your lips melded against his, placing your hands over his. You hummed softly into the kiss as his hands wandered down to your hips.

His arms secured around your waist, pulling your chest to his.Btw:I love your writting.

ouat felix x reader lemon

That made my day! I can protect myself. Thought we should let you know. Take some of the Lost Boys out hunting Felix. Why do you care? And yea, I was. Also I can be really stubborn and not to be vain, but brave at times. Not us girl. She was wondering around the island all alone. I like fire. New prisoner here for you. Who is he? I turned my head to the left and the right, trying to soak in my surrounds when I heard music.

Lovely, melodic music. Peter stopped suddenly, walking over to me, the first time he acted like he noticed me since I got here. With us, and help out around the site. Please submit! Requests are always open. Peter Pan imagines are my favorite. Ask me a question! Submit requests here! February 8 Anonymous asked: Do you do ships by any chance??? Just send me a bit about you! December 31 abutterflyswings-deactivated asked: Hello, can you do an imagine with Peter Pan and me, im brunette with green eyes,i dont really mind tmwhat happens as long as it isnt dirty please, and somehow we end uo kissing?

I can take care of myself. There you are! Like I do every day. Pan looked at me, opening his mouth to say something back. Suddenly, his lips were on mine, moist and soft unlike what I thought it would be. I felt myself kissing back, actually enjoying it. Peter smiled, kissing me again.Good, now rest. Peter: "Well than what do you want me to call you?

Seeing as you never told me your name. You thought back to the time you were once afraid of Peter and shook your head in disbelief. He smiled down at you, happy that he had meet you and kissed you passionately. Imagine telling Peter that you are a mermaid. He looked at you like he didnt believe you. Pan was looking for you around and calling you.

You poped right in front of him.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

You were staring at him then pulled him in. To show him what you are. Imagine Peter being unable to gather his courage to talk to you. You look towards his quickly, managing to catch him stealing a glance at you.

He looks aways quickly, busying himself with some other task. You shake your head with a smile as you pick yourself up and start walking towards him. He looks back up, color rising to his cheeks as you come closer. Hey guys! Sorry for dropping off the face of the earth for awhile, I was in like three different plays and things got a bit hectic! Me, or a one-handed pirate with a drinking problem? Posts Likes Archive.

Imagine Felix promising to always protect you. Imagine Felix finally getting Pan to ask you out. Requested By: Anonymous. Imagine Felix being so proud when you defeat one of the lost boys with a trick he showed you. Top Photos. Recently Liked.Chapter One Pan had an initiation ritual for all new lost boys, and not even Henry would escape him. Regardless of his lineage Henry was to become a new lost boy.

He heard the music now, so the time was ripe. He assembled the lost boys at night after playing one of his little games with Henry's wanna-be rescuers. The boys all gathered, Henry at the center. Welcome Henry, our newest lost boy! Pan waited for the cheering to die down, smiling and watching Henry, before speaking.

Probably the latter. He wasn't, however, ready for what Pan had in mind. Take off your clothes for starters. Henry knew now what would happen, he would be forced to run through the forest naked, or worse fight naked.

Just what he wanted, a bunch of boys he didn't know to see him nude. He was just starting to hit puberty, he would still look like a little kid to them. He didn't even have a full bushel of pubes yet, just a few. He's not as gentle, though. He pulled the shirt off as quick as possible so as to get it over his head and hopefully not give anyone time to sneak up on him, looking around when his head was free. None of the boys had moved, they were just looking at him and Pan, a few glancing at each other or Felix.

What were they going to do to him? What was he going to have to do? A few had hungry looks in their eyes, but Henry had no clue what that could mean for him.

Trap- A Peter Pan One-Shot

The quicker you take it off the quicker the fun begins. Henry wasn't, but the other Lost Boys were, and they soon were tenting too. Now what am I supposed to do? Fight you naked? Henry, however, was just as confused as ever. Close your eyes and count to twenty two. Find them all while naked? He could only continue counting. The boys moved forward, forming a tight circle around Henry, leaving about ten feet around him.

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