Wotv jp tier list

Unit List. Phoebe stands out, but there are other units worth maxing out for their TMRs. I think that if you have a triple pierce damage team you can run her. Vallaide is an excellent support and his TMR is unique because it gives 5 defense against all damage types except for magic.

Vadim, Murmur, and should be A IMO - the rest of the Bs are a clear step down from them Vadim has utility with mug, steal heart, steal time, etc - good thief stuff with high evade and resistances. A bit on the weak side in damage but has 2 attack up passives too Murmur has very good damage resistance for a tank, much less a mage. But a tiny HP pool. She takes some investment in good armor, espers, and cards, but she can shrug off the damage better than many UR characters while having a strong attack in Jammer Thrust.

I also suggest grouping SR, Rs and N together, given there's not any real difference between them. The tier system itself also needs soem work done to it.

But it doesn't mean all others are at the same tier. Vadim, Mia and Zazan are in their own tier due to access to steal time and steal heart for instance.

Other than the thieves, the ones with access to supporting kits white magic especially also deserve special mention. That means he can use a ton of support skills Imperil, cure, cura, curada, full life, protect, shell non stop.

Also, her unusually high mitigation stats tank tier make up for her low HP by quite some degree. Hawkafella Reply. I'm just a casual JP player, but we often see guides about Tower floors mentioning the need for more units, especially the cheap to build ones like SRs. I agree it's a good idea to rank SRs, Rs and N together and give the tier list more depth.

wotv jp tier list

Phoebe and Murmur should be S tier list for SR. High Dmg Mitigation, Phoebe best support, Murmur can be semi-support dps. GameA1 Reply. Yeet Reply. A decent hp Stat about same as yshtola and knows offensive spell and cura by default.

I'm thinkin she could be worth maxing given the much lower cost to do so. Even if you are a F2P, you can make MR units grow smoothly. Joshua Reply. Khury and Rairyuu is good for range attacker. Fina not so much, she's more like semi support. She hits low, but the cheer ability makes up for it.Can you helps us make a better tier list with explanations? Click the blue button below and see the details about it!

Unit List. Want to Share Your Ratings and Explanations? Notice: Tier list is subject to change. Has AoE skills, can support, can deals damage, not totally squishy. But damage-dealing skill requires lots of AP, and more or less has the role of a support. The damage-dealing skill from Samurai job is okay, but overall not the best DPS or light character. A versatile character. She can doubles as a healer and magic attacker. TMR is great, and Holy is essential against high eva character.

Although she will only shines after the dev updated the 'skill ban' thing, else she will cast haste,immobilize,etc all the time. Can be used as DPS but has no specific outstanding features.

Worth to raise because of her TMR lmao. Decent DPS, but her plus point is the deadly combination of long-range and her skills. She can immobilize an enemy from 7 range away. Decent DPS and quite bulky. Has long-range skill 'Launch' too. One of the best DPS. Can use ranged skills, and deals huge damage. Only using suitable build A niche-use tank.We go over what we can expect from the JP events of WOL and how will the collab be handled on global.

If you can read Japanese, a JP player continually updates a spreadsheet that lists all characters Rush Gauge capacity and the amount each of their moves charge. Having the best units in the game allows easier time clearing story missions, completing hard event quests and dominating in PvP arena.

Posted by 2 months ago. Follow to get news and tips on FF! Magical Girl Fighters! Apr 2 - Apr 12 Divine Adventure! See the trailer below: As part of the collaboration, players will be able to obtain the "Death Machine" Vision card! The ideal situation is to roll at least 2 UR units or more to start the game. Also if anyone disagrees with the tier list, would love to have a discussion about it.

It receives aroundvisitors every month based on a global traffic rank ofBut it doesn't mean all others are at the same tier. The date this tier list has been created was May 26th, Went in with a team of free units using lesser gear, left 1 party slot open for a borrow. The rest are his default "I summon a monster! Also, all tier lists are theorycrafted. Device Transfer Guide. It's one problem for rewards, it's another when the character's voice lines are all over the place, especially compared to the English voices being far better.

Since the game just launched, most of the tier list are slightly different but I will try to consolidate them and get a median list. The tier system itself also needs soem work done to it. Ban's Final Fantasy corner. This is the same website that had Lu Bu on a higher tier than Heracles for awhile, because 'Lu Bu has godlike defenses, while Heracles has flaws'.

The best tanks in the game can soak up a decent amount of damage for the team with their high DEF. They can go in and trigger an enemy boss' aggro so that the team can go in for the kill. Will edit if it is different from global. PvP Best decks [23 June Updated] - i like this tier list more than the duel links meta one.

The value and usefulness of a character varies based on your rank, your team, fight length, fight mechanics and how you play. Want to join the fun? Come to our server! Sims Mobile.

Information below is from the Japanese version. From summons to abilities to espers.

MR Units & MR Tier List

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wotv jp tier list

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Disclaimer: this is just an early tier list, subject to change as the meta develops. This is entirely my own opinion and I welcome any feedback or constructive criticism. This list is primarily based on PVE game modes. Trust Masters have also been largely overlooked on URs due to the time required to obtain them.

Most Trust Masters are good without being game breaking. Mediena: Good with even with small investment. Top tier LB.

Top tier MA. Access to multiple AOEs. Access to MAX dmg spell Flare.She's a force to reckoned with specially in PVE. Place her on a suitable position wherein you can kite your opponents effectively. Flare is definitely a tank killer and dishes out massive damage with a slow casting time even Lv. If you want her to excel in pvp specially in match battles I suggest to buff her with Casting Time Height Range 1 Height Area 1. Stats Bonus on Ability Board.

Main Command: Black Mage Abilities. Sub Command 1: Black Mage Abilities. Sub Command 2: Green Mage Abilities. Sub Command 3: Ninja Abilities. Limit Break Phantom Sphere Fragments 1st 1 40 2nd 1 80 3rd 2 4th 2 5th 3 Anonymous Reply.

She trash in my opinion. Not sure what you are using her for but shes S for PVE only, she clears mobs fast and in a aoe, and tanks protect her. Shes not great fro PVP cause she gets one shot. Without a doubt the BEST PVE character, there are multi rooms where you get kicked for not using a mediena, even if you got a high end cid they will still kick. Why not try mediena with Margareet's TMR you will see the casting speed boost you are looking for.

I've recently done this and the speed is good enough that I don't need to use a vc to speed it up anymore. You can get a Staff from the shop for her. It's a good starting weapon for her as long as you max it out. My Mediena is at level 84 and she's still using the basic staff until now lol.

Pupunator Reply.Event archives. New Vision Card: Leviathan. New Unit: Kitone Summer Swimsuit. FFVI Collaboration. The Tower of White Porcelain. Equipment Training Quest: Platinum Rod. Event Schedule JST. Leap-Year Memorial Summon.

Fragments of Saria Event Quest. JP Farming Quest. Iron Giant Challenge. Get Secrets of the Forge! Armor, Accessory, Ninja Sword. TV Commercial Memorial Campaign. New Year Campaign Final Fantasy Tactics Collaboration Event. Etre Strengthening Quest. Admiring My Prince. Submission form. Unit List.Stats, degree of resonance, resistance, training board, and magicite. Table of contents Tier List Espers List. Creampie 22days ago. See all 9 comments. Anonymous Reply. Anonymous 24days ago Reply.

Magic Up is increase directly to your MAG stats. Magic atk up is increase on your raw magic damage. So which is better? Because Magic Up gets stronger the stronger your character its. Go Magic Atk Up if your character MAG is low at the moment maybe because Esper resonance is low or equipments because it directly strengthen your skills.

If posible, get both of them.

wotv jp tier list

How is the sum of the statuses received by a vision card and an esper? I need to understand to calculate the best status I can get with Mediena f. R4V3N Reply. AngelHQ Reply. GameA1 Reply. Submission form. Unit List. Also stupid if someone try to compare between JP and Global that 4 months different in time for s Raid Boss: King Behemoth Steal time only halves CT of target, so there's diminishing returns for the otherwise margin Guild Recruitment Forum SEED is looking for new members!

How much money is needed to max a UR vision card like Fenrir?

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